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Welcome to DJ Shane Entertainment! Dive deep into the world of rhythms and melodies with our talented team of DJs who are dedicated to making every event unforgettable. With a flair for reading the room and blending beats seamlessly, each DJ under our banner brings a unique style and energy to the dance floor.

The Heavyweight Champ
Limitless Energy
Embrace the Heat
Masters the Art of Fun
Undeniably Contemporary

DJ Shane.
The Heavyweight Champ of Weddings.

Florida’s Premier Wedding DJ

For over a quarter of a century, DJ Shane has been setting the rhythm for love stories in Melbourne, FL.

With a repertoire spanning over 2000 weddings and an unmatched dedication to making each celebration memorable, DJ Shane is not just any DJ – he’s a trusted partner in your special day.

Let Melbourne’s most experienced wedding DJ make your day resonate with heartbeats, laughter, and dance.

Discover the magic that 25 years of experience brings. Dive into the world of DJ Shane.

DJ Joe Redmond
Electrifying Beats, Limitless Energy!

From the Keys, to the Carolinas…

From the golden sands of Cocoa Beach to venues that echo with joy and celebration, DJ Joe Redmond has been the pulse of over 1000 unforgettable weddings. With over two decades of expertise behind the decks, Joe is not just a DJ; he’s a master of ceremonies, an architect of ambiance, and a guarantor of an electrifying wedding dance floor.

Ever since his early days, Joe’s life has revolved around music. Its rhythm resonates with his soul, making every event he performs at a harmonious symphony of beats, memories, and shared moments. His proficiency in reading a room and crafting a playlist that strikes the right chord has been cultivated from more than 20 years of experience, making him a sought-after name in the wedding DJ circuit.

DJ Chris.
Master of Ceremonies.

Celebrating Life & Love

Honing his craft for over two decades, DJ Chris stands as more than just a music curator – he’s an entertainment virtuoso specializing in crafting unforgettable wedding experiences.

With an eclectic foundation spanning various musical styles, Chris doesn’t just mix tracks; he orchestrates moments. Seamlessly blending diverse genres and rhythms, he infuses each wedding with a unique symphony that transcends boundaries, creating an electrifying atmosphere that keeps the dance floor alive.

Let DJ Chris take you and your guests on a sonic journey, igniting the celebration with a fusion of sounds that resonates with every beat. Whether it’s a soulful serenade or an energetic celebration, DJ Chris ensures your special day pulsates with rhythm and everlasting memories. Celebrate love, celebrate life, celebrate with DJ Chris.”

DJ Johnnie V.
Crowd Mover.

DJ Johnnie V

Moving Hearts Through Beats

With every turntable spin and beat drop, Johnnie brings to life the magic of music at weddings, setting the perfect tone for couples beginning their journey together.

Johnnie doesn’t just play music; he lives it. Every track is carefully curated and mixed to resonate with the emotions of the moment, ensuring your wedding day is accompanied by the perfect soundtrack. Ever seen a dance floor light up with joy? That’s the Johnnie V. effect! Harnessing the profound power of music, he knows just what tune to play to get every foot tapping and every heart racing.

Remember, with DJ Johnnie V., it’s not just about the music – it’s about the memories you’ll cherish forever. Let’s create magic together!

DJ Shane Anthony.
The Beat Legacy Continues.

Electrifying Prodigy

Hailing from the vibrant halls of Eau Gallie High and infused with over a decade of musical passion, DJ Shane Anthony is the electrifying prodigy of DJ Shane. As the youngest in the lineup but seasoned with over 10 years behind the decks, Shane Anthony is more than just the son of the legendary founder. His roots may be embedded in a rich legacy, but his sound? Fresh, invigorating, and undeniably contemporary.

An open format DJ, Shane Anthony masterfully weaves different genres into his sets, but his heartbeat resonates loudest with EDM. And while he lets his turntables do the talking, skipping the role of an MC, his mixes speak volumes – echoing the rhythm of new age beats, fused with a touch of legacy. Dive into a session with DJ Shane Anthony and experience the future of DJ Shane Entertainment.

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